Force Measurement Equipment by Ross Brown Sales

Whether your application calls for hand held flexibility or stand-mounted repeatability, the Chatillon force gauges and test stands will fit the bill.

  • High quality digital and analog force gauges
  • High-precision force testing machines
  • Specialised force testing software
  • Extensive range of grips, fixtures, couplings and sensors

These tough precision instruments are produced by one of the world's leading manufacturers of force measurement instruments and enable you to measure tensile and compressive forces with extreme accuracy in the lab, on the production floor or out in the field. The instrument's versatility allows you to test a variety of materials to specific applications such as medical device manufacturing, components, packaging, and food texture and analysis. All gauges are ideal for hand held use, plus they work with Chatillon test stands, to provide a stable platform for even higher reliability.

Basic mechanical force gauges are ideal for testing the compression (push) and tensile (pull) properties of something. They provide precise readouts in analog fashion, and work dependably without batteries. Chatillon also manufactures a number of specialised mechanical-style force gauges, designed to provide readings on different properties.

For instance, ergonomic gauges are used to measure how much muscle strength or exertion is required to use a product. As their name suggests, these gauges are used to test and aid the design of products built with comfort and ease of use in mind. Chatillon also designs mechanical force gauges built specifically to measure hydraulics.

Digital force gauges, meanwhile, provide precise measurements of torque and digital force. While they are definitely more 'modern' in design than Chatillon's mechanical gauges, these digital force gauges are simplistic and user-friendly in their design and construction, so that anyone can learn how to use them with ease. Chatillon's digital gauges are also the most cost-effective on the market.

The CS2 Series is a revolutionary tabletop tester that can be utilised without the need of a personal computer, proprietary software or knowledge of programming languages. The touch screen 2-in-1 laptop console is user-friendly, robust and reliable. The screen offers both graphical and tabular results along with a very intuitive user interface regardless of the operator skill level. Create an easier workflow by defining favourites / quick access frequently used test setups. Switch seamlessly between test graphs, batch results and statistics even while executing batch sequences. Export data directly from the screen on demand or use automatic archiving.