tecsis now fully incorporated into the WIKA group

12 Oct 2021

tecsis is a force measurement technology specialist within the WIKA group with production facilities on three continents and has been part of WIKA since 1992.

In more than 90 years, tecsis has developed into a reliable global manufacturer of measurement technology. As part of the WIKA Group, the company has steadily been able to expand its market position and offer high-quality products and smooth service. From its beginnings as “VDO” until today, tecsis has developed into a reliable partner to industry, and has been a constant in force measurement for many years.

tecsis: force sensors, load cells, compression force transducers from thin-film technology and strain gauges

The extensive portfolio of tecsis products includes bending and shear beams, compression force transducers, hydraulic force transducers, load pins, ring force transducers, load cells, tension/compression force transducers and tension links. We have close development partnerships with many customers, from small and medium-sized companies to large businesses. Our experienced engineers and technicians look deeply into the techniques and processes of customers. The sophisticated, universal product range is designed for a very wide spectrum of applications, from machine building, through crane and lifting technology, to many other industrial sectors.

WIKA is a global leader in pressure, temperature, level measurement technology and now fully incorportaing the tecsis force and load measurement portfolio. Based on its high-quality measurement technology components and together with its customers, WIKA develops comprehensive solutions that are integrated into the business processes of its customers. WIKA employs 9,300 people in more than 40 countries and delivers 50 million quality products to customers in more than 100 countries every year. Around 600 million WIKA measuring devices are in use worldwide.