Ezi-Duct helps step up production with Dust Collector & Spray Booths

A leading Australian manufacturer needed a dust collection system installed to deal with the waste and spray booths to extract adhesive fumes during the manufacturing process.

A Australian Shoe manufacturer recently needed a new dust collection system installed to deal with the waste as well as two spray booths used for the extraction of adhesive fumes during the manufacturing process.

The system was installed by Dust Extractor Maintenance (DEM).

The dust collector installed was an MDC 18,000 P. This is a fully automatic self cleaning dust collector that uses a pulse of compressed air to automatically clean it's many filter bags. The dust collector automatically deposits the waste directly into a 44 gallon drum. The dust collector works under negative pressure so no waste or dirty air passes through the units high-efficiency 22kW fan. The dust collector is constructed from robust corrosion resistant galvanize steel sheet and was manufactured in Australia in Ezi-Ducts Sydney manufacturing facility.

The customer also required a couple of spray booths for the adhesive fumes during the production of the shoes, Ezi-Duct provided two 1.5 mtr filtered dry spray booth. The dry spray booth has 2 layers of filtration comprising of convoluted cardboard filter with a secondary filter of coalescing air medium. The Spray booth is fitted with sealed lights and is supplied with the Electrical and compress air control panel. The air capacity of the Spray booth is 18000 m3/h and the filtered air is discharged to the atmosphere through stacks on the buildings roof. All Ezi-Duct spray booths meets the Australian Safety Standards governing Spray booth design AS 4114.

Ezi-Duct is Australia’s leader in the field of Dust Collectors & Fume Extraction equipment and has the largest range on the market that includes, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Spray Booths, Rotary Valves, Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels and many more. Ezi-Duct can custom design and build a dust extraction systems to meet our customers specific requirements.

Ezi-Duct have experienced staff backed up by qualified engineers who can visit your factory for free advice on your extraction requirements.


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