Ezi-Duct Fume Extraction System allows for greater control in lab.

Sometimes a restructure of your system can make a big difference to your productivity.

Ezi-Duct’s Victorian team helped with a restructure of the fume emission control system in the laboratory area of a Victorian quarry in Kilsyth.

The new installed series of butterfly valves allows for more precise control of the required suction at two points without reducing the speed of the suction. 

Installed was Ezi-Duct’s Modular Ducting, which is manufactured from heavy duty galvanized steel construction and the bends are of smooth pressed construction of 1.5 CLR. The Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting not only provides the best airflow of any ducting on the market but has other advantages as well;

  • Companies can cut costs considerably as Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting is so simple, quick and easy to install. Installation time is cut down considerably.
  • Many of Ezi-Ducts customers do the installation in-house, without the need for outside contractors.
  • Dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems can frequently block up so the advantages for using Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting product is long term. As Ezi-Duct ducting simply clams together, the customer can easily pull the system apart for cleaning if blockage occurs.
  • If a company relocates premises, changes it’s machinery or expands, the ductwork can be disassembled and reuse again and again in different layouts.


Ezi-Duct only uses powerful energy efficient industrial fans which produces more suction while using less energy.