Ezi-Duct helps manufacturer with a step up on their air quality

Another great installation in a Melbourne based Staircase manufacturer of an Ezi-Duct dust collection system.  

Ezi-Duct's Melbourne team recently finished installing a new dust collection system for a staircase manufacturer. The dust collection system features Ezi-Duct modular ducting, Ezi-Flex flexible ducting & an eCono 12000 HRVP dust collector. The customer is very happy with the terrific suction the Ezi-Duct dust collection system provides & that all waste is deposited directly into a 3mtr waste bin eliminating handing issues. The bin can be emptied without the need of shutting the dust collector down & stopping production. The dust collectors 63 filter bags are automatically, economically & continually cleaned by a blast of compressed air. This ensures that the filters are not caked with dust causing a loss of suction from the various woodworking machines.

Australian made Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting provides the best airflow on the market with a very smooth bore and pressed smooth bore bends. As Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting simply clamps together it also cuts down installation time by 50% saving customers labour costs.

Another benefit is if the customer changes their ducting layout or moves factory the Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting can be easily pulled down and used again. Its also great if a rag or other article get sucked into the duct and blocks the suction. A duct section can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced. Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting is the best quality flexible ducting on the market manufactured from abrasive resistant polyurethane.

Ezi-Duct is Australia’s leader in Dust Collectors & Fume Collection equipment with 3 factories and branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian manufacturer and designer of Dust Collectors and other equipment for dust collection and fume extraction.

Ezi-Duct has the largest range of dust collection and fume extraction equipment on the market that includes, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Spray Booths, Rotary Valves, Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels and many more. Customers can ask Ezi-Duct for an experienced Ezi-Duct team member to visit their operation for free advice on their dust or fume extraction problems.