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CNC Milling Machine Description

Find and buy a CNC (Computer numerical control) milling machine from verified suppliers on IndustrySearch. A CNC milling machine is a computer-controlled milling machine.

Things to consider when buying a CNC milling machine:

  • Type - There are different types of CNC machines including vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machines, and universal milling machines. CNC machines can also be classified by the number of axis from 2-axis to 5-axis.
  • Cooling System - A crucial accessory since a CNC milling machine generates high temperatures when at high speeds. As such, check whether the machine comes with a cooling system to cool the shaft and to ensure optimal performance.
  • Frequency of use - If you’re looking for a CNC milling machine for mass production, you can choose an industrial-grade milling machine. But if you operate a small scale plant, you can go for a commercial-quality CNC milling machine.
  • Programming - Every machine operates differently and so does the CNC milling machine especially when it comes to creating programs. Before buying, ensure you can develop programs and choose one with an interactive programming style.
  • Accessories - When looking for a CNC milling machine, you should consider one that’s flexible enough for your future manufacturing needs, and that’s where accessories come in handy. Look for accessories that will help you expand the flexibility and effectiveness of your machine.


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