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AED Authority | Sales & Management Program of Defibrillator Devices

AED Authority

AED Authority is the worldwide leader in sales and management programs of Defibrillators – Simplifying Saving Lives Worldwide is the core of our organisation.

In 2006 AED Authority USA was established by Ashton Narva as a distribution company for Defibrillators. The following two years saw the development of the AED Concierge® program, allowing customers to know that their AED’s were well maintained and ready to rescue in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. The Concierge program manages the ownership and ongoing maintenance of your AED and is customized to suit your organisation’s particular requirements.

AED Authority USA has placed over 15,000 Defibrillators into public access areas since 2006, directly resulting in the saving of over 270 sudden cardiac arrest victims. Excellent growth was achieved year on year with over 11,000 devices currently.

AED Authority Australia was born with the view to mirror the same success of AED Authority USA – increasing the number of lives saved from sudden cardiac arrest in Australia. The launching platform was set and in May 2014 a joint venture was formed between AED Authority USA and AED Authority Australia. The Australian company is now a part of the Diplomat Group headed by Paul Klein which has been operating and servicing customers for over 43 years.

The need for Defibrillators in Australia has increased dramatically with over 30,000 sudden cardiac arrest events per year. This equates to 25 times the number of people killed on our national road toll per year. Ashton and Paul recognize the importance of creating a program that meets the unique needs of current and future clients in the marketplace.

AED Authority Australia is focused on delivering the highest quality, most competitively priced products available in the Defibrillator market, coupled with the unsurpassed customer service of our AED Concierge® program.

We look forward to servicing your organisation’s Defibrillator requirements.

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