You don't have to put up with costly oil leaks anymore

Supplier: Russell Fraser Sales NDT By: Russell Fraser Sales
17 March, 2017

A leaking system can cost valuable time and money and the greater the leak, the greater the expense.

The new Spectroline LTK-441 LeakTracker™ Kit is ideal for all oil-based fluid system applications as it can pinpoint the exact source of leaks in hydraulic equipment, compressors, engines, gearboxes and fuel systems. The LeakTracker kit is highly sensitive and can detect leaks that other systems cannot however it is not limited to small-scale leaks and in fact the LeakTracker kit can treat up to 240 litres of oil-based fluid. 

The LeakTracker kit includes 1 x 200ml twin-neck bottle of patented OIL-GLO™ 44 concentrated oil dye, 1 x 200ml spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner, 6 Dye treatment tags, UV-absorbing glasses, belt holster, lanyard, batteries  and a rugged carrying case. 

The star of the kit is the powerful LT-300 LeakTracker™ leak detection flashlight. Its high-output LED delivers pure UV light for superior fluorescent dye response. It features “instant-on” operation; reaching full intensity immediately. Cordless and compact, the LeakTracker torch is able to reach into cramped areas inaccessible to larger lamps. A rugged, corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum lamp body stands up to years of heavy use. Powered by three “AAA” batteries (included), it provides 4 hours of continuous service and a 100,000-hour LED service life.