Wild Weather Conditions Asphalt Repair Solution

Due to recent wild weather conditions and fires. Road maintenance has begun in earnest, you'll be interested to know there's an Asphalt repair product leaving other brands in the dust!

QPR premium asphalt repair has out performed other well-known products by tenaciously staying put in potholes with no rework required. QPR is also coming out on top for asphalt damage applications on some very busy sections of road all over Australia. So much so that reports from customers indicate other products are failing after several days and require re-application, whereas QPR stays put and remains as a permanent repair that actually costs less in the long term.  The confidence of road crews, home maintenance and contractors to do the job once and not return to repeat work, has led to more customers opting to use QPR. Cost of re visiting a failed repair is much more than just buying more product. Workers morale at repeating the same job over and over is damaging attitudes.

One of the main reasons for the tenacity and holding power of QPR under difficult conditions and high traffic loads is the extreme quality control and attention to detail during production. QPR has been around for around 30 years in the USA and is one of the biggest selling products in the asphalt repair market. This can only happen if the quality is consistent and strictly controlled during manufacture. 

At Earthco Projects, we pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service and support. We're on call at all times to deliver product to our customers on the same day if possible, or the next at the latest.

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