Why Use a Rugged Portable Computer

Supplier: Interworld Electronics
27 March, 2009

Panasonics’ Toughbook portable computers are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoors and fieldwork environments.

Rugged Features include:

Magnesium Alloy Case

The Toughbook case is made from 100% magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic which is common to most other notebooks.
Protected Against Water

Military Certified to Mil-STD-810F, Toughbooks have been tested to withstand water ingress, Method 506.4, Procedure III (Drip) for no less than 15 minutes. The keyboard and touchpad are not the only protected features, slots and terminals are protected too, with hinged alloy covers and environmental seals. On the Toughbook CF-18 and CF-29 even the LCD panel has a protective overlay, securely sealed around the edges.

Protected Against Dust

In testing to Mil-STD-810F, method 510.4, Procedure 1 (Dust), our most rugged Toughbooks are tested against dust ingress with silica flour in temperatures of 60°C. During the test, not one moving part malfunctioned and no contact or relay failed.

Protected Against Extreme Temperatures

Temperature testing for Mil-STD-810F, Methods 501.4, 502.4 and 503.4, Procedure I (Storage) and Procedure II (Operation)took place at 60°C with the Toughbook operating, then the Toughbook was switched off and turned up the heat to 71°C. Then the temperature was brought back down the Toughbook worked perfectly when rebooted. The same procedure was carried in ultra-low temperatures, from -29°C to -51° and the Toughbook continued to work when rebooted. The Toughbooks were also subjected to testing from high (96°C) to low (-51°C) temperatures and once more, performance was normal.

Shock Mounted HDD & LCD

Toughbooks are protected against shocks, knocks and drops. The Toughbook HDD are mounted in a high tech shock absorbing dampner, so when the unit is dropped it absorbs up to 70% of shocks and vibration. The LCD Screen is also shock mounted which protects it against breaking or cracking when the unit is dropped.

Internal Flex Connectors

All connectors in the Toughbooks are flex connectors not hard wired. This design works like the crumple zone in your car. When the unit is dropped the weight is spread across the notebook ensuring minimal damage.

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