Why consider test machine modernisation?

Supplier: Hylec Controls By: Graeme Campbell | Managing Director
30 January, 2020

Doli, who is Europe's largest manufacturer of servo controllers for electro-mechanical test machines, and static and dynamic electro-hydraulic test machines and servo actuators...

...has recently released a new range of high-performance controllers which have clock speeds of 10 kHz, resolution of 24-bit and 16 input channels are available along with drivers for servo-valves and motors.

There are many older test machines in use today which have outlived their useful life but have load frames and drive systems which are in many cases still robust and very precise. But their problems lie with the measurement and control systems whose accuracy, speed and control features and software no longer meet modern test requirements and are incompatible with today's operating systems. This is where DOLI can help.

Upgrading is generally considered to be viable if the upgrade cost is less than 50% of the cost of a new machine. This is generally the case for static machines of greater capacity than 100kN or for all dynamic servo-hydraulic machines.

Additional advantages are:

  • improved efficiency of testing and savings in cost, due to the automation of data acquisition
  • evaluation and paperless documentation
  • reduction of testing time and labour necessary
  • well-proven hardware and software

Hylec Controls is Doli's exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand and has over 40 year's experience in the sale and commissioning of new test machines and in the modernisation of existing machines. Consider talking to our expert engineers on modernising, rather than replacing your existing test machine.