Embossing & Tape Supplies has a wide variety of masking tapes to suit all applications.

It is very important to choose the right type of masking tape.

An incorrect choice — for the sake of saving a few dollars — can cost  hours of extra work removing scraps, slivers of tape and residue from your job , or, in some cases, redoing your project.

Things to consider when selecting a masking tape

  • Transfer / residue resistance – how long you need to leave your masking tape applied for; will it be exposed to direct sunlight and heat? All factors in masking tape leave a residue upon their removal
  • One piece / clean removal – select a tape that you leave applied for longer than recommended? ignore the conditions the tape will be exposed to? use the wrong grade of tape? all factors in one piece, clean removal
  • Sharp paint edge – if it is critical to have a sharp paint line, it is important to choose the correct tape that will not  "bleed-through" into the masked area
  • Conformability ( for edges, curved areas, etc) – if your application has a lot of curves you need to consider using a higher grade tape, such as a fineline masking tape

The following is an overview of our basic range of masking tapes that "covers all bases". We have many different grades and brands of masking tape, but if you are after a particular type not listed here, or have a specialised application, please contact us for further options.

General Purpose Masking Tape

ETS has a number of general purpose low temperature  masking tapes for use in non-critical applications.(only recommended for short term indoor use)

  • Applications include:   bundling, temporary holding, masking, labelling, etc .
  • Industries include: all industries for basic applications

High Performance  Masking Tape

Our high performance masking tapes are excellent "all round" tapes that have a higher temperature resistance,  good paint edge, low transfer of residue, conformability and one piece removal qualities.

  • Applications include: general paint masking, bundling, holding and good for tight curved areas
  • Industries include: automotive, marine, manufacturing, facilities maintenance, plastic fab, sign industry, joinery, glazing

Fineline Masking Tape ("signwriters / automotive")

Fineline masking tape has a thin backing for sharp clean paint edges, flexible backing for narrow curves, good sharp paint edge and is available in narrow widths (3mm) for fine detailed masking

  • Applications include: fine detailed masking, masking narrow curves
  • Industries include: sign, exhibition and display, automotive, marine, industrial

High Temperature Masking Tape

We have hi-temp masking tapes designed to withstand extreme temperatures and not disintegrate, melt or burn, and can be easily removed in one piece without leaving a residue. Depending on the tape, they are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees.

  • Applications include: powdercoating, soldering
  • Industries include: electronics, powdercoating, sheetmetal fabrication

Sandblasting Tape – (4432

Designed specifically for this purpose, the tape has a blast resistant paper backing with a thick rubber adhesive mass that cushions the impact of grit being blasted off the material you are sandblasting.

  • Applications include: sandblasting on stone or glass, grit blasting of heavy industrial machinery
  • Industries include: glass etching, glazing, stone masonry, heavy machinery maintenance , mining

Blue Painters Masking Tape

Blue is the industry standard colour for "painters masking tape". Qualities of blue painters masking tape include bleed through resistance (sharp paint edge), strong hold to most surfaces and easy removal (time allowed for clean removal depends on what type is purchased, and the combination of conditions the tape is exposed to). Depending on what type of tape is purchased, clean removal can range from 3 to 14 days

  • Applications include: domestic and commercial painting, temporary holding, high end masking applications
  • Industries include: painting, automotive, marine, sheetmetal fabrication, entertainment, facilities maintenance

Outdoor Masking - (4437)

This tape is also blue in colour and has the same qualities as blue painters masking tape, however it is both UV and weather resistant, designed for outdoor use for up to 6 weeks and has a clean 1 piece removal (leaving no residue).

  • Applications include: painting, window frames (wooden, aluminium and PVC), general masking
  • Industries include: domestic and commercial painting, windows / glazing, construction, automotive, marine

Large Cover Area Masking

A high temp masking tape laminated to a 20cm masking paper (for border paint absorption) with a  p.e. film drop sheet (available up to 2mtr in length) that statically clings to the surface you are painting

  • Applications include: painting / spray painting
  • Industries include: automotive, marine, domestic and commercial painting, shop-fitting

Black Masking Tape – (743) 

Our black masking tape is  a matt black pinhole free crepe paper backing coated on 1 side with a special synthetic adhesive. The matt finish minimises reflection caused by studio lighting. The "pinhole-free backing" ensures complete light block-out. Please note, this product is only available in 24mm and 48mm widths.

  • Applications include:  photography, photo cropping, studio lighting, masking overhead lighting, any applications requiring light blocking.
  • Industries include: entertainment industry ( film / TV), printing , photography

Premium Grade - (233)

Our green premium grade masking tape is top of the line — if you are not sure which masking tape to select, this is the one for you.

This tape is generally accepted as the standard for the aerospace industry.  A   great product to use, it has excellent conformability, transfer resistance,  one piece removal and sharp paint edge. Can be left up to 5 days and will withstand temperatures up to 121degrees for 30minutes.

  • Applications include: masking, painting, holding
  • Industries include: aerospace, automotive, marine, sheetmetal fabrication, industrial, glazing, joinery, powder coating, painting, entertainment, rail industry

If you would like any more info, or have an application you would like some advice on, please feel free to contact us on (02) 9526 2055.