What is "business intelligence"?

Supplier: Direct Freight Express
22 July, 2011

Direct Freight Express are investigating the introduction of a "Business Intelligence" BI system that will integrate reporting and monitor all of our computer systems.

This will enable senior management to instantly gain immediate reports on all operations and financial aspects of the company, locally and nationally, and even make predictions about the future.

What will BI mean for Sales & Marketing?

You are on the front line of the organisation, customerfocused and working hard to achieve your targets.

How can BI help you?

  • Perform sales analysis, optimise efficiency and focus on what is working well.
  • Easily monitor sales against budget targets.
  • Improve service with instant responses to customer enquiries.

What does BI mean for Finance?

BI can transform finance operations entirely by eliminating much of the routine paperwork and providing the opportunity for Finance to make better decisions and become more relevant to the company.

Below are some of the benefits that Finance enjoy from working with BI:

  • Finance can add justification to business decisions, making Finance even more relevant.
  • Access a single, reliable, consistent version of the truth
  • Reduce time spent on budget cycles.
  • Effortlessly access all data from the biggest picture to the smallest detail.
  • Spend time analysing, not integrating, collating and aggregating disparate data sources
  • Work with the tools you already know best (Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook etc.)
  • Have more time to consider budget implications and assess the most complex “what if” scenarios.

Here’s how BI will help IT BI will transform every facet of Direct Freight Express.

Here are just some of the reasons why we will put our trust BI.

  • Easily maintain data integrity and security.
  • Leverage existing technology and skills.
  • Create reports quickly and easily.
  • Eliminate effort spent on data transfer.
  • Excellent levels of user acceptance.
  • Easily tailored to different skill levels.
  • Flexible and powerful enough to deal with the most complex data structures.

What will BI mean for The Management Team?

Here are some of the benefits that Management can enjoy.

  • Up to 80% time saving on planning, budgeting and reporting cycles.
  • Decisions on the corporate strategy based on true business insight.
  • Make key decisions with instant access to the facts - and to “one version of the truth”.
  • Staff to high-value tasks, instead of low value (spreadsheet input).
  • Evaluate the performance of suppliers, customers, employees, divisions... almost anything.
  • Gain true visibility into operational efficiency and service profitability.
  • Identify problems and implement immediate solutions.