Weather Stations for the Mining Industry

Environdata's automatic weather station is suitable for mines, gas fields, oil wells and mineral exploration applications.

Evirondata’s Wather Maestro is a robust weather station designed to cope with the extreme conditions typically found in mining sites and gas fields across Australia and around the world.

Weather Maestro’s data logger can be equipped with a wide range of sensors (up to 16) generating data which will support management decision making and flag safety issues. Sensors suited to mining applications include air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, barometric pressure, solar radiation, & UV radiation. The Weather Maestro meets Australian Standards & EPA requirements, is fully designed & manufactured in Australia, comes with a range of telemetry options and is backed by full instructions & manufacturer’s support.

Why do mining sites and gas fields require a good automatic weather station?


  • EPA & Statutory Requirements: Environmental Impact Statement
  • Impact of weather on mine production, worker comfort & safety and community wellbeing
  • Work Place Health & Safety Issue ( Dus, Hazardous Gas)
  • Choosing a Suitable Weather Station

There are several essential criteria for a weather station at a mining site or minerals exploration facility:

  •     Robust for tough environment
  •     On-site service
  •     Backup support
  •     Remote access options
  •     Australian made for ready availability of parts & service
  •     Meets Australian Standards for horizontal wind monitoring
  •     Meets EPA licence requirements
  •     On demand access to critical management data

Environdata’s Weather Maestro Weather Station can meet your requirements