Waterproofing and wear protection | Orange Base Hospital

Australian Urethane Systems provides critical waterproofing and wear protection solutions.

Location / job details:

  • Project:    Orange Base Hospital - Helipad
  • Critical waterproofing and protection.
  • Client:    Greater Western Area Health
  • Service. Applicator:    TA Taylor Australia.
  • Product:    POLYEURO® 5502F + Staingard Topcoat.
  • Completion:    March 2012.

On-site requirements:

  • Seal the leaking deck and provide long term protection of concrete surface to provide a membrane impervious to water and jet fuel.
  • The coating had to provide a seamless application to the concrete surface.
  • Extremely fast cure to minimise the time the helipad was offline.
  • Provide a membrane with superior crack bridging properties the one year old slab was leaking water into operating theatres.

Product requirements and benefits:

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and elastomeric.
  • Excellent chemical resistance properties to meet the potential exposure conditions over the expected in-service life of the product.
  • Seamless application of the coating system.
  • Abrasion and impact resistance to withstand mechanical damage from aircraft landing on the deck.