Water Treatment Industrial Profile

Supplier: Bushmans Tanks
30 October, 2010

Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the Water Treatment field.



What is Stored:

Water which is stored pre and post filtration.

Description of Customer Operations:

The customer is a power station operation which uses gas to generate electricity for distribution throughout central and southern Queensland.

Description of Tank Application:

The tank is incorporated into the water treatment facitilty which is primarly a water filtration operation.

Sizes, Type of Tank and Fittings:

In this water treatment system there are six tanks with two 10,000, 15,000 and 46,400 litre sizes. Each tank has a range of flanged fittings up to 250mm in size.

Benefits of Bushmans Tank:

  • Tanks with a range of sizes that suit the differnt parts of the water treatment process.
  • Fittings designed to suite the individual parts of the process
  • A strong and robust tank

Please visit the Bushmans website for further information.

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