Water monitoring and control in mining

Supplier: Pacific Data Systems Australia
20 September, 2013

As the wet season approaches, now is the time to take action to ensure compliance with local, state and federal government environmental regulations.

Benefits Of Automated Monitoring Systems

Automated monitoring and control systems can:

  • Give real time access to environmental/machinery condition, allowing operators to make decisions based on the latest information available
  • Alert operators to potential problems so corrective action can be taken immediately
  • Automatically turn machinery on or off when pre-set criteria are met (e.g.tank level is full)
  • Ensure all mandatory reporting criteria is recorded and stored in a central location for future audits and mandatory reporting

Planning Your Water Monitoring and Control System

Whether you engage a systems integration specialist such as Pacific Data Systems or build your own system, you will need to have an understanding of what you want your system to achieve.

Use the following guides in your assessment of your sites project requirement: