Wall insulation – Dubai Central Prison

THERMOMASS has gained significant traction in the US, making precast concrete insulated with THERMOMASS perfect for correctional facilities.

It has since been used with great success by Composite Global & affiliate's customers here in Australia and Dubai.


A large body of research from the late 1970s shows the effect of comfortable temperatures on the behaviour of inmates.

If inmates are comfortable, they are happier and less likely to act violently against each other and corrections staff. Not only is it safer, but also far less costly to keep inmates comfortable.

Add excellent insulation and thermal regulation to the strength and durability of precast concrete and you have a system that is far and away the best way to build correctional facilities.

These buildings are fast to build, highly energy efficient and practically indestructible.

In our time, CGS and our affiliates have seen the Thermomass system bring all these benefits to correctional facilities around the world. We have also seen inferior competing systems crack concrete and cause significant repair costs due because the connectors in those systems are not compatible with concrete.

The Thermomass wall insulation system for precast concrete sandwich panels is the only choice for correctional facilities in any climate zone.