Video review of the new Mitcorp F1000 NDT & inspection videoscope

Supplier: Russell Fraser Sales NDT By: Russell Fraser Sales
13 December, 2018

Check out our new unboxing video of the Mitcorp F1000 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) & inspection videoscope.

Watch Russell Fraser Sales new unboxing video of the Mitcorp F1000 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) & inspection videoscope.

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Warren from Russell Fraser Sales. Are you searching for a high quality reliable videoscope with great probe options and detailed screen images? Russell Fraser Sales have it and today on What's In The Box, we're going to show you the new F1000 videscope from Mitcorp.

Mitcorp F1000 comes with a really robust case that's sealed. Inside the case of course the F1000 videoscope. A USB cable for uploading your images and movies. A remote control. AV out cables. Charger for the internal battery. And a very handy strap, neck and shoulder strap so you can use the videoscope hands-free. And there's also a series of side viewing mirrors and split screen mirrors. There's a total of 5 of those plus it has a measurement probe in there as well.

The Mitcorp F1000 videoscope features a large 17 inch screen with 800 X 400 resolution. It's rugged and robust it's been drop tested to a metre. It's IP57 rated which is rain proof and the probes that go with it are 100% waterproof. And the problems that go with that 100 percent waterproof to a metre, they are IP68 rated. It has very ergonomic hand grips, it has an angled adjustable support stand. Inside it has 4 or 5 hours battery life before recharging. It has a very simple to use menu and the operation is easy. There's a microphone for voice recording. It has image zoom, rotate and invert functions. It captures and stores thousands of images or up to 4.5 hour of movies depending on your SD card.

The main feature of the F1000 apart from its very clear images are that it has the largest ranges of probes available including flexible, semi rigid, articulating and dual camera types. So Mitcorp has the largest range of probes available - just one of these products is the one way articulated probe. You just simply totate the dial and you can see that it goes right back on itself ideal for engine cylinders, mechanical works, work of any kind where you need to look back on yourself or even adjust it to any angle that you like. The very flexible probe cable is a stainless steel mesh design, it is very robust and it gives you years and years of service and I'll show you how this plugs in. The probe just simply plugs in at the top videocope. We turn it on.

This is Mitcorp's 1 metre dual view probe, it has a camera in the front, with an individual light source and the camera in the side, you can see that it's switchable, just simply by hitting the switch on the probe. From front to side view. This eliminates the need for any screw on mirrors - this probe does both your side viewing and front viewing in one go. We'll have a look at out test tube. There's our forward view. You can see there's an object in there and some other stuff. And if I want to have a look at the side of the tube wall you can see there's some reasonable detailed images of the side wall just simply by swapping the switch over. There's your front view and there's your side view.

This is the 10 metre pipe inspection probe from Mictorp. All of Mitcorp's probes are interchangeable. This particular probe features eight very bright LED lights and it has a flexible end, ideal for pipe inspection. It also comes on a very handy reel, you can reel it in and out. It has the best depth of field and field of view of any of our probes and it has a wonderful light output so going into a tube for inspection you really can see enormous amounts of light in there and great detail right to the end, so the field of view, depth of field and light output is fantastic. If you've got an application where a 28mm head probe is not a problem then this is highly recommended and it's very affordable.

All of the probes that I've shown you today are available for the F1000 videoscope and always in stock at Russell Fraser Sales.