United Nations use portable suspended solids monitor

Supplier: Fluidquip Australia
12 September, 2014

The United Nations has specified Partech Portable Suspended Solids monitors for use on all humanitarian and peace keeping operations.

These monitors are used to help ensure the wastewater produced by these operations has no detrimental effect on the water environment. Continual and frequent monitoring can be difficult and expensive to achieve in remote locations, making easy to use portable monitors key to regular, accurate, monitoring and reporting.

Partech has worked with partners around the world to support the United Nations. Chosen for its simplicity and reliability the Partech 740 Portable is a highly accurate and dependable tool for monitoring the levels of Suspended Solids in wastewater and surface water applications.

The Portable Suspended Solids monitor replaces time-consuming manual checks on suspended solids, allowing the plant operators to control the plants without needing to rely on laboratory techniques that are not well suited to use in remote locations. Since the Portable Suspended Solids monitor requires minimal training or background knowledge monitoring responsibilities are not limited to specially trained staff.  

The 740 Portable Suspended Solids monitor is also economical in practise, with 10 user profiles allowing multiple sites to be measured with the one monitor and the ability to make a retrospective adjustment to the calibration for each site at the same time as a new liquid sample is being taken.

The United Nations has implemented 50 instruments and plans to add more over the next year.

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The Partech 740 Portable Suspended Solids monitor is available in Australia from Fluidquip Australia.