Unique steel design revolutionises commercial balustrade systems

Supplier: Moddex
01 August, 2011

Conectabal™ is a commercial balustrading solution from Moddex Systems that supplies Australian industry with a cost effective balustrade consisting of maximum strength, durability and versatility.

A unique modular steel design eliminates the need for time spent designing or fabricating the balustrade, providing customers with a reduction in the cost and labour usually needed to fit a handrail solution.

With Conectabal’s pre-engineered design, the structural integrity of the steel balustrade is ensured without the need for on site welding. The solid steel balustrading is fully galvanised and provides a strong and durable solution that is also quick and easy to install.

Conectabal’s exclusive modular system also enables the balustrading to be configured in a number of ways, ensuring compliance with the Australian Standard for Access and Mobility (AS 1428.1-2009) as well as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for Primary Schools.

The steel balustrade system from Conectabal is a commercial and industrial solution that is versatile, strong and durable. The revolutionary modular design makes the balustrade suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include handrails for retaining walls, footbridges, public housing, viewing platforms, pedestrian barriers, access ramps, back of house storerooms and distribution centres.

A range of paint finishes to suit individual applications is available, and Connectabal balustrades are supplied with stainless steel, anti-vibration locking screws and vandal proof fixing accessories.

The Conectabal steel balustrade is robust commercial balustrading system that is safe, fast and easy to install.  The fully galvanised steel balustrade makes this handrail solution strong and durable, and the unique modular design means a complete handrail solution can be installed without the costs and timeframes of non-modular systems.