Ultrahawke weighbridges installed at P&O Ports

Ultrahawke recently completed commissioning its second weighbridge at P&O Ports’ Dynon Road rail terminal in Melbourne.

Both weighbridges are being used for weighing trucks carrying loaded shipping containers into the facility.

Due to the very poor soil conditions at this site, both weighbridges required extensive ground preparation with numerous piles over 15 metres deep to be driven into a stable footing. The concrete foundations of both weighbridges were also suitability reinforced to ensure a stable base was achieved to ensure accurate weight readings would be maintained over an extended period.

The second of Ultrahawke’s weighbridges is fitted with a reinforced concrete weighbridge deck measuring 34 metres long by 3.5 metres wide and supported by 10 Flintec RC3 load cells. Each weighbridge load cell is rated to 30t capacity and features full stainless steel construction rated to IP68 for complete waterproofing.

An Australian made Rinstrum 5230 digital weight indicator generates the weight readings which are transmitted to a driver control station for collecting truck and container details.

Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest weighbridge manufacturer and recently celebrated 150 years of operation.  Based In Melbourne’s northern suburb of Campbellfied, Ultrahawke has agents providing local sales and service support in all Australian states.