The U-Tred available from Amco: easy to install and maintenance-free.
The U-Tred available from Amco: easy to install and maintenance-free.

The following are testimonials regarding our U-Tred.

A slip and fall down a flight of steps of from any mobile plant can have devastating potential consequences, both to the injured employee and the business. The ease with which the U-TRED product is installed i.e. no drilling and bolting, no lengthy process for Hot Works e.g. welding in new steps; and the U-Tred fits hand in hand with our site hazard observation programme. Step 1 Slippery/worn step is identified; Step 2 Hazard is documented and recorded; Step 3 U-Tred is installed within minutes.

– Rod Sutton, Safety Coordinator, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia

I have just installed a sample of this product, which is a new Australian design for open-type grid steps used in manufacturing, and oil and gas industries in Australia. I am currently trialling them on the stairs leading down to the blend pit area and so far they are fantastic and the blenders are very happy with them. They install in about five seconds are maintenance-free. They don't appear to clog up like the standard non-slip grit-type products do.

– Neil Thomas, Production Manager, Valvoline Australia Pty Ltd

Here is what we have found so far with this product: easy installation. I put these on myself with no disruption to the plant. Less cost than the normal nose con threads. Does not come loose like the bolt-on nose tread (we have replaced some loose nose cone tread with the U-Tred clips). The only issue we have had is that some of the step gaps were too small to take the U-Tred clip – after examining the steps we found that it was a fault with the steps, not the U-Tred.

– Robert Jusup, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia

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