Think safety first when handling bulk bags

It is timely to remind all companies using flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) to check the quality and standard of bags being used as well as the implementation of a safe handling strategy of bags at all times.

It is as much the duty and care of the owner of the company, as it is the supplier of the bag, to protect the health and welfare of all workers using such products and machinery.

We have drawn up a list of obvious precautions that should be adhered to at all times to protect both workers and life of your bags.


  • Always read instruction labels
  • Protect FIBCs from rain and prolonged sunlight
  • Use lifting gear with sufficient capacity to take the suspended load
  • Adjust fork lift tines to the correct width for the FIBC being handled
  • Make sure crane hooks are big enough and well rounded
  • Inspect reusable MultiTrip FIBCs before refilling
  • Check that the discharge spout is closed off before refilling


  • Don't stack FIBCs unless stackability is certain
  • Don't repair FIBCs as their performance and safety cannot be guaranteed
  • Don't subject FIBCs to snatch lifts and jerk stops
  • Don't drag FIBCs
  • Don't re-use bags labelled 'Use Once Only' or 'Single Trip Only'
  • Don't allow personnel under suspended FIBCs
  • Don't fill FIBCs unevenly
  • Don't exceed the SWL under any circumstances