THERMOMASS Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels – costing you less

Apart from the significant savings in energy that the occupier of a THERMOMASS building will experience over its life, THERMOMASS pre-cast concrete panels costs no more to construct.

By shortening the build time and eliminating plastering and insulation of these walls after erection, THERMOMASS saves you money — pure and simple.

THERMOMASS precast concrete panels have a high thermal mass. With the rigid insulation placed towards the outside of the panel, the majority of the thermal mass is situated inside the thermal envelope. This means that diurnal swings in temperature are smoothed and the building can be conditioned more efficiently. For meeting BCA Section J there is no better alternative for concrete than THERMOMASS.

If you're interested in learning how THERMOMASS can help your latest commercial project achieve a thermally stable environment with significantly reduced running costs, click the links below to visit our website and learn more.