The red hot features of the SmartFire

Supplier: Graytill By: Jen Grayling
29 May, 2019

Graytill has released their all new SmartFire firefighting unit onto the market. It is a firefighting unit that is designed to make light work of fires.

The SmartFire is a red hot firefighting unit that is full of features.

Water capacity - The tray back slip on SmartFire unit holds up to 1,200L and the trailed SmartFire holds up to a massive 3,000L

Powerful - The SmartFire is a mechanically driven remote rewind reel designed not only to fight fires but to pull the operator up steep slopes when you need it most after spending many hours firefighting.

Unrestricted Water Flow - With up to 35m of a large 1" (2.5mm) diameter hose, the continuous water flow allows the operator to reach all areas of the fire.

Reliable - The Kohler 9.5hp electric start petrol engine is coupled to a Davey twin impeller pump for serious water flow and pressure with reliability and fuel economy.

Complete Unit - The SmartFire's straight forward plumbing makes it easy for all operators. There is no swapping of multiple hoses; just a simple twist of a tap and the SmartFire goes from filling up to firefighting.

Convenient - The SmartFire is a true slip on unit so you are always at the ready during the bushfire season. The SmartFire is supplied with jack stands and convenient tie down points so the SmartFire can be mounted to any tray back ute in minutes.

Risk Free - The remote control system on the SmartFire is powered by the on board battery which is charged by the engine. There is no risk of draining the vehicle battery - especially at a time when you need it the most!

Customisable - There are a range of options available to fully customise the SmartFire - from foam injection to work lights to diesel engines. The SmartFire can be completely customised to suit your individual firefighting needs.

The SmartFire is a firefighting unit that won't let you down when you need it the most. Be prepared for the bushfire seasons with a SmartFire!

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