The proof is in the packaging: ensuring packages remain tamper free

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
18 March, 2015

Through packaging, you can hinder tampering to your products, which goes a long way in providing the kind of security and assurance that customers need.

Customers want to know that their packages are as they should be and have not been tampered with. In order to dispel these doubts, many levels of security need to be considered in order to ensure that there will be minimal access or interference to products during production.

There are mainly two types of packaging. Covert, such as scanners and ultraviolet luminescent inks, and the more overt, or 'visible' type of packaging.

Shrink Sleeves

Also known as security seals. these are sold as a roll of plastic tubing in varying widths, which come in standard sizes. They can also be made to order.

Think of a medicine jar with a plastic sleeve snugly fitting the lid; access can only be made by breaking this seal. This is a shrink sleeve.

As well as providing tamper evidence, they can be used to bundle items together. For example, a six pack of water bottles. You may have seen the use of shrink sleeves in promotional packaging, the 'buy one get one free' type. Shrink sleeves are placed over the product and shrunk to fit with the use of a heat gun.

Shurtuff Mailers

Shurtuff Mailers are tough. They are highly tear resistant, puncture resistance and water resistant. They're the perfect courier mail bag.

They are made of multi-layered polyolefin with a matte outer layer, ideal for printing and handwriting. These types of bags have even been used by banks to secure cash during transport, as if they are tampered with, it’s immediately obvious. They are ideal for sending packages to customers.

Vacuum Pouches

The use of these pouches is often referred to as 'cryovacing.' Vacuum Pouches are the perfect way of packaging perishables, and are often used in packaging foods. They also serve the purpose of keeping non-perishable products sterile or dry. As there is an obvious vacuum seal, tampering will often result in air infiltration, which makes it pretty obvious that there has been some interference. Once air is inside, freshness, quality and sterility can no longer be guaranteed.

Clear Circle Labels 

You've probably seen these handly little labels before. Often used on packaged products such as CDs, DVDs and gift cards, they are an inexpensive and effective way to deter tampering.

Available with or without perforations, they are used to simply stick-close items, with the added benefit of providing a professional looking touch to your products. 

Whatever packaging you choose, remember that customer assurance and safety remains an important consideration.

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