The New & Improved Single Head Filling Machine

Filling Machine 2021
Filling Machine 2021
26 Oct 2021

A filling machine is a device used for the packaging of liquid products, often for food/beverage into bottles and containers. The Innovec filling system is designed for medium - large containers.

What Is The Filling Machine?

The Innovec Controls Single Head Filling Machine is a portable bottle and IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) filling system capable of withstanding hazardous chemicals and acids. The machine is a complete batching system equipped with an Innovec IBL batch controller and a premium pneumatic nozzle assembly.

Why Was The Original Model Created?

The previous industry standard model required the filled container to be placed onto a scale to accurately establish the quantity of contents to be sold. As a time consuming process, this limited the operator to a quota of only 150 15-Litre drums per day. 

The Innovec Controls system can be programmed to fill containers with an accuracy of up to 0.1 Litres allowing operators to complete quotas with a higher efficiency. This system allowed users to fill approximately 800 15L containers per day.

How Does The New 2021 Model Compare?

The Innovec Controls Filling Machine is made with the same great innovation with the right upgrades to improve your production. 

  • Improved hand welded 316 Stainless steel frame.
  • 360° swivel action castor wheels.
  • Brakes on rear wheels.
  • Premium flow measurement devices.
  • Safety enabled controls.


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