The IT bluffers guide to Epicor's handheld module

Supplier: Epicor Software (Aust)
02 December, 2008

What does the Handheld Module do?

The Epicor handheld module enables standard warehousing, manufacturing, shipping and receiving functions to be entered on portable hardware.

How does it work?

The handheld module uses terminal server connected over a wireless network. It communicates directly in real time with the Vantage Server.

Can it work with any handheld hardware?

Yes the handheld module is hardware independent and COGITA can advise which hardware configurations are in use at client sites.

What sort of setup is necessary?

It is unlikely that a new server will be required. The handheld module utilises an available MES licence and is a fixed price per site of $5,750. The smallest configuration is one handheld and base station to enable cycle counting. Additional handheld hardware and MES users can be added as required.

Is it easy to implement?

It is very easy to implement because there isn't a synchronising setup which used to cause a big problem.

What benefits am I likely to get with this module?

The key benefit is in the improvement of data accuracy. (For example, rather than writing down numbers and typing them in later, the yard where the truck is unloaded or the rack where the stock is counted is scanned with a part number, bin location, job number and operation).

Also all the standard warehousing and manufacturing transactions can be processed faster, with less effort and closer to real time than when using MES.

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