The importance of forklift safety training

Supplier: Absolute Forklift Training
31 August, 2012

When would a forklift driver require refresher training?

All employers are duty-bound to ensure their employees are provided with the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to guarantee the employees' health and safety at the workplace.

Employers should regularly review the training needs of their employees, especially training required by new or young workers.   
The majority of companies that undertake forklift refresher training do so on an annual basis, or at a minimum of every two years. 
In addition to bringing operators up to speed on all current regulations, refresher training also pinpoints, discusses and reports their risky driving habits. A training report is generated on each operator and forwarded to the employer at the completion of the course. This can be kept on file by the employer, along with a certificate to show that they have been refresher trained.
Retraining is especially important for operators who have held their license for many years. The longer an operator has been licensed, the more bad habits they have in their driving, and greater the chance of them not being familiar with current laws regarding forklifts.
When an operator has an accident, one of the things that WorkCover and the insurance company will consider is whether or not they believe the operator's need for retraining was a cause of the accident.
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