Champion, the premium range of electrically driven, rotary screw compressors, are Australian designed providing outstanding compressed air solutions to a wide range of industries.

One man who knows more about Champion compressors than most is Technical Manager Andy Fraser. Andy has worked with Champion and Sullair for the last 34 years.

Energy Reduction with Champion Machines

Energy efficiency has become a critical issue for many businesses to reduce cost and increase profit. Champion Engineering has developed VOC & VSD controls linked with full featured electronic controllers to efficiently manage customer’s plant air systems. Today, Sullair offers a CSA range from 18 kW to 37 kW with VSD options as well as VOC compressors with VSD options from 45kW to 250 kW.

Australia's Trusted Brand for Australian Conditions

Champion products have been continuously enhanced through the analysis of warranty data and quality improvement reports from customers and field staff. The machinery is built to withstand Australia’s hot and dusty conditions. “The inclusion of heavy-duty cyclonic air filters allows our machines to maintain their performance in the most arduous, dusty environments,” Fraser says. The cooling systems of the Champion machines are capable of running in 50ºC ambient conditions. These attributes are valued by our customers.

Sullair Air-ends in Champion Compressors

The air-end is the most important component of the product line. “Champion machines are robust, reliable and possess high compressor standards”, Fraser states. “Champion machines are built with worldrenowned SULLAIR air ends, so when Champion engineering meets with a Sullair Air-End, our customer expectations are well met. The air-end, which is the heart of the machine, is recognised globally for its rugged reliability. I can state that the average air-end rebuild performed by our rebuild centres has either run extremely long hours, or has been due to incorrect lubricant or a mixture of lubricants used in the compressor,” Fraser says.

Future Champion

The promise of Champion Compressors in the future is to supply innovative, energy efficient and reliable compressors supported by superior customer service.

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