The 12 BEST Vacuum Sealers for Commercial, Domestic & Industrial use

The 12 BEST Vacuum Sealers for commercial, domestic & industrial use in the big comparison.

LAVA single seal, double seal and triple seal food vacuum sealers are produced to take your productivity to a higher level! With a LAVA, you can work like a professional. Vacuum packaging with a vacuum packer by LAVA keeps food fresh for up to 10-times longer. Use a LAVA food saver as the centre of the modern kitchen, a convenient vacuum-sealing unit for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities, or as a powerful vacuum-packing machine in the commercial and industrial sectors. There is a LAVA vacuum sealer for everyone.

Stop spending money on throw-away stuff!

Here, you can find the vacuum-packaging unit that best suits your needs! A LAVA keeps going seal after seal up to 1,000 times in a single session.

No other Vacuum Packer has been tested more often and with better results in Germany than the ORIGINAL by LAVA! In nearly all reviews, LAVA vacuum sealers performed with outstanding results. The BEST is hard to beat!

Flexibility is guaranteed:
Vacuum packing and sealing of vacuum-sealed foil, bags or rolls. Vacuum packing of containers, bowls, bottles and pots. Even vacuum packaging of jars, twist-off glasses and much more. Choose your favourite vacuum sealer and get detailed information.

With LAVA, you can vacuum pack like a professional. Keep the freshness of your food up to 10-times longer. A LAVA Vacuum Sealer is the stylish centre of any modern kitchen, a powerful partner for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities, as well as an efficient packing-machine in the commercial sector. You can always rely on a LAVA, whether you make 1 vacuum bag or up to 1000 bags per day.

Stop spending money on throw-away items and buy LAVA quality today! See the differences between the world’s best Vacuum Sealing Machines in the following comparison.

The Original by LAVA was tested in Germany during the last few years, with the best results obtained more times than any other brand! Flexible usage is guaranteed: Vacuum packing and sealing of foils, bags, rolls, containers, bowls, bottles, pots, twist-off glasses, and so much more.

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