Testo launches the new 300 flue gas analyser

Testo’s new analyser combines gas measurement and data collation in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution. What other leading features does the testo 300 offer?

Another innovation from Testo, the German measurement technology specialist from the Black Forest, The new flue gas analyser testo 300.

Combining intuitive high definition SmartTouch operation with robust design and professional documentation and reporting, this gas analyser is perfectly tailored for the needs of a high demand environment. 

One of the highlights of the testo 300 is the large 5” HD SmartTouch display. It allows intuitive one-touch operation, just like a smartphone. This ease-of-use extends to simplified measurement ability and also instant operation when activated from standby mode. Measurement values are displayed either as a graph or table, offering users more options for data analysis.  

The testo 300’s bolted housing, robust sensors, protected display and secure mounting allows it to withstand any tough working day. Its scratch-proof display is countersunk and equipped with an exchangeable protective film to ensure the screen remains undamaged while strong magnets further secure attachment. The sensor technology is designed for long-life with up to 6 years’ service life with intensive daily use and automatic dilution of up to 30,000 ppm CO.  

The testo 300 boasts well-structured and intuitive options for all applications. This facilitates easier measurement and recording of flue gas, draught, CO, smoke count, differential pressure, differential temperature and tightness testing. 

Reports containing information on measurement values, customer applications and heating systems can be created directly on the flue gas analyser. It is also possible for the user to include their own comments and data sets. All technical work is checked off via electronic signature on the testo 300, and reports can then be emailed to the client or stored on the instrument. 

In addition to O2 and CO sensors, you can option a third sensor slot for the measurement of NOx.  The testo 300 is a highly configurable and customizable analyser offering a tailored solution for all your needs, and you can choose between two- or four-years’ warranty on all sensors.