Testimonial from school bus operator, in NSW

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication
16 April, 2014

Mr. Wayne Wicks, School Bus (6 Buses) operator in NSW, worked out, that, since he started in 2006 adding all three Bi-tron Treatments to his vehicles, the fuel consumption has dropped by over 20 per cent.

Mr. Wicks tells me he has had, little, to no maintenance repairs to his vehicles in the last 6 years.

The Bi-tron takes a little while to impregnate the metals and when that is done, the friction reduction in the engine and the transmission areas, becomes greater over time, so that eventually the vehicles use far less fuel to operate and the wear factor is almost negligible. I worked out that Mr. Wick's bus engines were saving 20 per cent of his fuel cost after deducting the cost of the BI-TRON.

I, Brian Rogers have been promoting and selling these Bi-tron Treatments for 17 years.

My customers (about 400 or more ) keep reordering every time they require their Bi-tron Stocks to be replenished.

These operators will not operate their machinery without the Bi-tron Treatments added to their machines.

Operating with Bi-tron means that they mostly can save about 20 per cent off their fuel costs.

Their maintenance costs are reduced by the fact that there is almost no wear in their machines with the Bi-tron Treatments added.  The  friction  reduction  gets greater  and greater the