Testimonial: Benefits of the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System

Supplier: Rhino Linings
20 October, 2011

Many elastomeric spray applicators would tell you, it is often quite difficult to get an even coating when spraying the internals of pipes using hand held low pressure or high-pressure applicator guns.

Then add the environment of an internal pipe diameter down to even 90mm and the application can be very difficult. The answer is the Australian developed RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System.

This system has been recently used for the chemical protection of concrete stand pipes that make up the rising mains of several large new housing development s in the greater metropolis of Darwin, NT.

The RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system is perfect for internal coatings where the coating can be applied to the pipe prior to going into the ground. This system significantly improves the application of a corrosion, wear resistant and impact resistant membrane, in the difficult environment of internal pipe application.

Being semi- automated, the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray head applies an even coating resulting in a smooth finish (for an elastomer), making it a cost effective tool for both the applicator and the end user. 

The RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System can apply the full range of premium polyurethanes manufactured by Rhino Lining Australasia Pty Ltd at their Headquarters on the Gold Coast Queensland.

Ian Rogers
Managing Director
Rhino Linings Northern Territory
Ph:  +61 417 800 384