Technical Note #17 - kW-Class, Laser Diode Arrays

Supplier: LightOptronics Aust.
10 April, 2013

Numerous laser media exist with absorption peaks that are too narrow to make use of standard laser diode pump arrays with emission widths of 2-3 nm.

For these absorption peaks (such as Nd:YAG at 885nm, Nd:YVO4 at 880nm and Yb:YAG at 969nm), laser diode pump arrays with narrower emission spectra are highly beneficial.

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics has developed a process for building high-power laser diode arrays with
narrow emission spectra by adding Volume Bragg Gratings during the packaging process. These arrays emit with a
spectral width of approximately 0.5nm (FWHM), and are available with output powers ranging from tens of watts to
several kilowatts.

Experimental data is presented in this technical note for arrays operating at up to 100W per bar (CW).

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