Technical Note #16 - QCW Diode Array reliability at 8xx nm

QCW High-Power Laser Diode Arrays
QCW High-Power Laser Diode Arrays

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics (NGCEO) has recently developed high-power laser diode arrays specifically for long-life operation in quasi-CW applications.

These arrays feature a new epitaxial wafer design that utilises a large optical cavity and are packaged using AuSn solder and CTE-matched heat sinks. This work focuses on life test matrix of multiple epitaxial structures, multiple wavelengths and multiple drive currents.

Particular emphasis is given to the 80x and 88x wavelength bands running at 100-300 Watts per bar. Reliable operating
points are identified for various applications including range finding (product lifetimes less than 1 billion shots) and
industrial machining (product lifetimes greater than 20 billion shots).

In addition to life test data, a summary of performance data for each epitaxial structure and each bar design is also presented.

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