Technical Note #14 - PowerPULSE Gain Modules

PowerPULSE Gain Modules
PowerPULSE Gain Modules

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics has developed a family of Quasi-CW pumped gain modules with output energies is excess of 4 Joules and small signal gains of over 600.

The PowerPULSE™ gain modules can be
configured with rod sizes from 2mm to 10mm and diode bar counts of 3 to 300.
Data from a selection of gain modules is presented in this application note. Included are expected pulse energy
outputs while operating in a free running oscillator. For amplifier applications, the total small signal gain and the
stored energy are also reported.
The PowerPULSE™ gain modules utilize reliable QCW laser diode bars packaged in Golden BulletTM arrays to
enable long product lifetimes. Quasi-CW pumped module lifetimes exceeding 10,000 hours and 20 billion shots are