Technical Note #13 - Reliability of high power QCW arrays

High Power QCW Arrays
High Power QCW Arrays

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics has developed a family of arrays for high-power QCW operation.

These arrays are built using CTE-matched heat sinks and hard solder in order to maximise the reliability of the devices. A summary of a recent life test is presented in order to quantify the reliability of QCW arrays and associated laser gain
modules. A statistical analysis of the raw lifetime data is presented in order to quantify the data in such a way that is
useful for laser system designers.

The life tests demonstrate the high level of reliability of these arrays in a number of operating regimes. For single-bar
arrays, a MTTF of 19.8 billion shots is predicted. For four-bar samples, a MTTF of 14.6 billion shots is predicted.

In addition, data representing a large pump source is analysed and shown to have an expected lifetime of 13.5 billion shots. This corresponds to an expected operational lifetime of greater than ten thousand hours at repetition rates less than 370 Hz.

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