Sydney University Relocates Priceless Statues

Supplier: Machinery Transfers & Relocations
29 January, 2021

Specialized lifting and removal completed in 3 days

With the new Museum building completed in  October 2020 it was time to relocate some of the statues from the clock tower which has part of the old Museum inside.

Our task was to relocate four of the Statues one being solid 3.5 T granite double faced Sculpture being aged at 1000BC. The other Statues 2 of which needed lifting equipment made for the job where also moved. The last Sarcophagus to move was the most delicate having at least 40 Major cracks.

Dating from early Roman times this is now on display at the new Museum. Our tasks were completed in 3 days suppling all inhouse lifting equipment and manufactured lifting gear.