07 Nov 2022

PVC flexible swing doors for high traffic areas

DMF are Australian manufacturers of the common flexible PVC Swingflex doors, used in many applications for temperature and dust control, including hospitals, commercial kitchens, warehouses, retail, supermarkets, labs, freezers and coolrooms.

These PVC impact traffic type doors are ideal for protecting a working atmosphere for openings which are exposed to a high level of traffic flow, whether pedestrian traffic, push trolleys and carts. A heavy duty model Mk6 is also available for ride on forklift traffic.

The main features of these swing doors are . . . 

  • Made from flexible PVC with safe plasticisers and no heavy metals
  • Two way swing action from either direction, with automatic self closing
  • Adjustable torque control spring system for return close, completely concealed in the door frame.
  • Anodised aluminium door frame
  • No need for a special door jamb, only a non rebated jamb is preferable
  • Option of satin or coloured laminate to the PVC panel, or kick buffers in clear or black
  • Custom manufactured to size by DMF in Sydney

The Swingflex swing doors open in either direction by pushing through from either direction and will return close automatically by a spring system which is concealed, which also offers variable torque settings.

During the time of Covid-19, our Swingflex doors were being used extensively for creating barriers to entrances to prevent cross contamination.

DMF are also able to manufacture and replace PVC panels on other brands of PVC swing doors, including Premswing, Neway, Coldshield, Carona, MTI and Swingview doors

DMF can offer a range of high speed automatic roll doors as an alternative to the Swingflex, which have the advantage of being non contact.