Superior Load Containment with Ventilation

Supplier: Integrated Packaging
15 January, 2008

If your company is experiencing problems with palletising product that is packed hot, cold or requires ventilation, you need Excell Air Stretch Film.

Excell Air Stretch Film will eliminate product or carton damage associated with packing hot or cold product.

Excell Air Stretch Film has a unique reinforcement layer that gives optimum load stability whilst allowing maximum air flow.

Weigh Up the Cost

• How much is it costing your company to warehouse product until it is at   an ambient temperature to be wrapped? (Stop double handling!)

• How much is it costing your company to have product refused by customers because of damage to product or cartons caused by moisture.  (It may cost you a customer!)

• How much is it costing your company in transport cost and labor in repacking product that a customer has refused the delivery of due to moisture damage?

• How much is it costing your company to process credits and processing replacement orders?

Weigh Up the Benefits of Using Excell Air Stretch Film

• Reduce warehousing cost by being able to wrap pallets straight off the production line.

• Reduce transport cost by not having product returned due to moisture damage.

• Reduce labor cost by not having to repack pallets returned from customers due to moisture damage.

• Reduce labor cost by not having to process credits for product that has been returned due to moisture damage.

• A customer that is happy with your product is a customer that is less likely to look for another supplier.

EXCELL Air is manufactured with 100% polyethylene, making it easy to recycle and dispense of after use, and is available in hand and machine applications.

It is also available in pre-stretched film offering health and safety benefits as well as greater production efficiencies.

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