Solutions for bump testing gas detectors in the mining industry

The BTS-HP bump test stations are used with high pressure/large volume gas cylinders providing a cost effective solution for bump testing/response testing gas detection instruments in mining applications.

The one button operation allows workers to test their gas detection instruments quickly and efficiently by simply pushing the green button. Each outlet is independent so gas flow is controlled by the individual push buttons.

The system design uses a single gas cylinder mixture and distributes the gas to two, four, six or more outlets. The large volume cylinders reduce the cost of gas considerably.

A programmable timer allows the gas to flow for the length of time required.   Once the flow rate is set to your requirement the cabinet is locked and no further adjustments are necessary.

The new BTS-HP Programmable allows for multiple incoming gas mixtures connected to the station which can be programed to flow each gas independently for the prescribed length of time required for an instrument verification.   Each gas would be connected to common outlets so multi-gas detection devices can be tested with one push of a button. 

Special designs with multiple gas mixture inlets and multiple gas outlets can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.

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