Smipack Automatic Bundle Wrappers

Supplier: Australian Wrapping Company
19 November, 2012

The Smipack Bundle Wrappers are highly versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET bottles, cans, cases, boxes, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations

  • Monoblock structure on feet and wheels
  • Twin-chamber shrink tunnel with glass fibre bars
  • Press rod to stop products and cooling fan at the tunnel outlet
  • Pneumatic product pusher, activated by two buttons
  • Pneumatic sealing bar 800mm wide
  • Pneumatic film cut by cold blade
  • Motorised upper and lower film unwinding
  • Flextron electronic control system, equipped with a 16 bit microprocessor for the machine control and supervision
  • Up to 20 packs per minute


Smipack Automatic Bundle Wrappers BP802AR 280RD