Sludge pumping problems solved at local Piggery

Supplier: Hydro Innovations By: Hydro Innovations
21 August, 2020

Sludge pumping can be tricky, especially when it comes to pumping solids. Check out how a local piggery solved their sludge pumping issues with a Ragazzini peristaltic pump.

Blantyre Farms is a highly productive mixed farming and livestock business situated near Young in New South Wales. They needed a reliable pump to transfer sludge from their covered Methane gas dam.

Mark Schulz, Maintenance Manager at Blantyre Farms contacted Hydro Innovation’s Regional Manager for NSW, Phil Rothheudt, in early 2020 to find a suitable pump for the application. Mr. Schulz was happy with the service, “The information supplied by Phil to select the correct pump for our application was great, as was the communication for the actual purchase”.

The design and engineering team at Hydro Innovations recommended a Ragazzini Peristaltic pump model MS3 to solve the problem. Ragazzini pumps use a roller on bearing design so the casing does not have to be filled and re-filled with expensive lubricating fluid. This means that hose changes are quicker and cleaner and also enables owners to take advantage of Ragazzini’s [fast] leak detection system that alerts owners when a hose needs replacing. Pumps can be used on suction lifts up to 9 metres and can produce pressures to 15 bar.

Mark and the team at Blantyre farms were pleased with their purchase. The installation went well and they have not had any issues.