Single cell Robotic Palletising

Supplier: Haden & Custance Ltd
22 January, 2008

This Robotic Palletising Installation was designed, built, programmed, installed and commissioned by Haden & Custance.

Features of single cell Robotic Palletising

  • 6 H&C Robotic Palletisers stacking from two infeed lines
  • Interchangeable vacuum and clamp robot grippers.
  • NDC Automated Guided Vehicle dropping off empty pallets and picking up full pallets
  • H&C Automatic Pallet Dispenser
  • H&C Automatic Slipsheet Dispenser
  • H&C Automatic Stretchwrapper & Top Sheet Applicator
  • H&C Belt Driven Roller (BDR) accumulation conveyors
  • H&C Custom Flowline (CFL) Pallet conveyors
  • Robot cells protected by lockout system and safety curtains.
Single Robotic Palletising