APC Technology has completed extensive shock and vibration testing on local manufacturers AX4 Engineered and partner LightForce’s X GRILLE.

The X Grille is a seamlessly integrated replacement to the radiator grille. It is the most advanced innovation in driving lights; without the need of bull bars, nudge bars or other bulky supports. The X Grille allows you to maintain the original design aesthetic of the vehicle and offers high-performance illumination for all night driving needs. The design ensures easy installation and once on or off the road, the driver will have the assurance that the grille has been tested to MIL-STD 810G.

APC Technology currently offer a range of in-house test capabilities within their Innovation Hub including shock, vibration, EMC, humidity and temperature. The test procedure can be tailored based on the customers’ specifications or we are able to research, recommend and perform tests based on the expected environmental conditions. Standards typically include MIL-STD 810, 167 and EN50155, with other options available based on requirements.

The X GRILLE from AX4 Engineered is designed to perform and survive on the exterior of a 4×4 vehicle that’s expected to be driven on a combination of paved, secondary or cross country roads on a daily basis. The team have manufactured the X GRILLE with the expectation of meeting the same rigorous standards as set for military vehicles. APC Technology performed the shock and vibration testing on our in-house table which is readily available to APC Technology clients and is now offered to third parties who are looking to confidence test their prototypes or production units.

AX4 Engineered focused primarily on extensive vibration testing due to the environmental conditions that the X GRILLE would need to perform in. The vibration testing verifies whether the grille can function and withstand the vibration based on a typical life cycle. APC Technology offers transverse, vertical and longitudinal testing up to an approximate maximum weight of 70 kilos. Mechanical Engineer Matt Attard researched the ideal method with a focus on wheeled vehicle vibration. The MIL-STD-810G method 514.6 tested the grille for 120 minutes over three terrains. The frequency variation data loaded into the software dictates the level of vibration of the table and is designed to depict the conditions the grille would experience over an 800km drive through multiple types of terrain. The results comfortably fell into the parameters of acceptable levels as based on the standards, providing AX4 Engineered with the confidence to move forward with production.

Jim Grose, Managing Director of AX4 Engineered commented, “We manufacture high quality 4×4 accessories. The X GRILLE for the Ford Ranger is the latest addition to our product line which will be expanded to more car models during 2019. We are 100% Australian and manufacture in South Australia. Customer satisfaction and product quality are key to our success so we focus on providing performance & durability at every stage in the production cycle. The advantage of having access to the test facilities provided by APC Technology, is the time saved by their locality but more importantly the access to their in house expertise. They are able to identify the optimal tests and the process is managed by a qualified engineer. We have confidence in their capabilities and trust the outcomes of the results which has led to AX4 Engineered taking the next step of starting production ready for release to the market in the coming months.”

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