Sealtek pipe repair fixes leaking pipe problems

Sealtek Pipe Repair
Sealtek Pipe Repair

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to fix pipe leakages with the Sealtek pipe repair from Global Pumps.

Global Pumps offer excellent Sealtek pipe repair solutions for stopping leakages from the pipes while the fluid is flowing through them. For repairing the pipes one does not have to stop the plant, so there is no loss of production. The two most commonly used Sealtek products for sealing the pipes are Sealtek T600 Compound and T500 Bandage.

The Sealtek products can be used for sealing pipes carrying high pressure, high temperature and even corrosive fluids. Sealtek T600 should be applied properly to get the desired results.

Here are some important instructions for using T600 for stopping the leakage of fluids from the pipes without stopping the plant:

1) Prepare the surface: Thoroughly clean the pipe surfaces from which the leakage has to be stopped. Remove all the oil and grease particles, rust, loose materials, and existing coatings. Roughen the surface by using the grinder, abrasive tool or a file.

2) Mix Sealtek T600: Sealtek T600 is available in the form of stick. Remove a small part of the product as per the requirement; twist and knead it till the uniform color is obtained and there are no streaks. This mixed Sealtek T600 should be used within 6 minutes at 20 degree C and this time would further reduce at higher temperature.

3) Apply Sealtek T600: The prepared Sealant T600 can be applied on the cracks or other defective surface of the pipes to stop the leakage. The prepared surface should be dry. While applying Sealtek T600, the flow through the pipe should be stopped till the product is cured.

Sealtek sets within the period of 30 minutes and your pipes are ready for use.

Sealtek pipe repair is stocked in Australia and ready for immediate delivery by Global Pumps.

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