Saputo dairy processing plant gets further anti slip flooring

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
09 July, 2011

Saputo is the largest dairy processor and snack-cake manufacturer in Canada.

It also has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe, North and South America.

Saputo offers a wide selection of cheeses, a complete range of dairy products, value-added by-products and dairy ingredients as well as cereal bars and fresh bakery products.

In early 2010 they contacted Tile Safe Products, to provide them with a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution to address their identified slippery factory issues.  

Tile Safe had proposed the Safe Grip Anti-Slip strips to be applied over nominated areas and walking paths also be created inside the plant to mitigate the risk. The Safe Grip product was suggested, due to the products outstanding and sustainable slip resistive qualities and suitability to the environment. 

Management was so satisfied with the results that they have decided to get further floor safety work done in other machine surrounding areas of the factory.

This occasion, Tile Safe has installed the latest and further improved version of the product, called Safe Grip Ultimate. This version has even higher and more sustainable slip resistance than the original Safe Grip.

The additional areas project was completed and management has again indicated their total satisfaction with the quality of the workmanship and the professionalism of the Tile Safe team.

Further work in other sections of the factory are also expected to be carried out in the near future.

Over the years, the Safe Grip product has proven itself in hundreds of challenging situations and the independent laboratory tests have shown that it has not only achieved the highest slip resistance rating (British Pendulum Class V / C.O.F. 0.98), but it has also retained it over an extended period of time. This means that the floor surface contribution to the risk of slipping when wet will be Very Low not only at installation time but also for the years to come.
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