Safety marking guide for factories, warehouses, site & facilities

Supplier: ETS Embossing and Tape Supplies By: Jason Turpin
27 September, 2016

Here is a basic guide for warehouse, factory, plant or facility / site safety to indicate what coloured markings & tapes should be used to show different hazards, safety equipment, warn of danger, or to use caution.

Below is the description of what colour / colour scheme is used for what designated areas in all types of operations including: public areas, factories, sites & warehouses.

Red - indicates Stop or Danger

It identifies fire protection, including flammable liquid containers, fire alarm boxes, fire extinguishers & emergency stop buttons

Yellow - indicates caution

It is used for marking aisles & physical hazards such as: low pipes, handrails, pillars, bollards & fixtures that extend into work areas, storage cabinets for flammable or combustible materials, containers for corrosives or other unstable materials. Yellow is also used to warn against using equipment under repair.

Green - indicates safety equipment

Safety Green is used for identifying emergency egress and first aid or safety equipment such as safety deluge showers, gas masks, and stretchers.

Blue - indicates a mandatory action

This includes actions such as - wear safety googles, or for identifying safety information used on informational signs and bulletin boards (such as the location of a phone). Blue also has special applications in the railroad area to designate warnings against the starting, use of, or movement of equipment that is under repair or being worked on.

Red/White Striped - indicates the location of first aid & fire protection equipment

This includes fire extinguishers, internal hose reels & valves.

Yellow/Black Striped - indicates tripping hazards

This includes changes in floor level, obstruction, low head room areas & mobile equipment.

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